Fallout 4 – To Be Or Not To Be Announced At E3 2015?

We’re pretty sure that the Fallout fans are asking themselves this question almost every day. As expected, Bethesda didn’t confirm any of the rumors regarding the Fallout 4, making many players to believe that this game is not going to be announced during E3 2015.

Gane rentals may not be as used as it was before, but it seems that Redbox is doing pretty well. Redbox are now advertising that they will soon have Fallout 3 to their kiosks, allowing you to rent the game and try it out for a small fee. This made many believe that this is Bethesda’s plan, in order to advertise a bit about the Fallout 3, preparing the gamers for the upcoming Fallout 4.

After all, why would Redbox stock with Fallout 3 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 starting from June 16? This game is 7 years old and it doesn’t make any sense, unless they know something that we don’t know.

Fallout 4: present at E3 2015?

Bethesda is going to attend E3 for the first time, which means that they have something big to announce. However, even if there are a lot of players which are hoping that Fallout 4 is the game that will be announced during this event, we can say that there are higher chances for Doom to be actually announced by Bethesda. Let’s not forget that Bethesda is the publisher of the upcoming Doom game and this could be a great occasion to announce it.

Fallout 4: Trailer to be presented at E3 2015?

There are rumors saying that a Trailer of Fallout 4 will be presented at E3 2015. These rumors came out to the surface after one person mentioned that he worked at the Trailer for Fallout 4 and that it’s ready to be announced at any upcoming event.

Other rumors say that Fallout 4 is going to be released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 also. If this proves to be true, it means that the developers think that there still a good amount of players that decided to keep using their old consoles and to not upgrade yet to Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Do you think that Bethesda will announce Fallout 4 at E3 2015? If the game will be announced at E3 2015, do you think that the developers will bring a trailer of Fallout 4 also?

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