Tekken 8: Watch King Unleashing His Fury in New Trailer

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Credit: Bandai Namco

King is a character in the Tekken video game series. There have been two different characters who have taken on the name King throughout the series, both of whom are professional wrestlers wearing jaguar masks. The original King, introduced in the first Tekken game in 1994, was an orphaned child who was taken in by a Mexican wrestling organization and trained in lucha libre wrestling. After his mentor and father figure died, King took up the mantle of his jaguar mask and entered the second King of Iron Fist Tournament to raise funds for an orphanage.

The second King, introduced in Tekken 3 in 1997, took over the mantle from the original King after he was killed in a bar fight. This King is also a professional wrestler, but he is from a different organization and has a different backstory. Like the original King, he wears a jaguar mask and enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament to raise funds for an orphanage.

Tekken 8, the upcoming game set to launch next year, will also include King. We can now learn more about the addition of the famous character thanks to a new trailer:

We all have to admit that the character has some deadly and impressive moves, just as the fans know him! Surely it will be more delightful to see King in Tekken 8 than in previous games of the series, considering the advanced graphics of the upcoming title.

Both versions of King have a number of signature moves, including throws, grapples, and strikes that incorporate wrestling moves like suplexes and powerbombs. They are also known for their flashy costumes and flamboyant entrances, complete with dramatic music and pyrotechnics. King is a popular character in the Tekken series and has appeared in all of the mainline games, as well as several spin-offs and crossovers with other franchises.

Tekken 8 will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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