Call of Duty Advanced Warfare M1 Irons Weapon Guide

Advanced Warfare surprised us all with a free piece of weapon DLC just yesterday in the form of the brand new M1 Irons revolver. This was a weapon that had mean mentioned for quite some time through various channels, and that many people were expecting to bring variety to the secondary category in Advanced Warfare. The big surprise came only when the weapon was introduced into the game though, that the weapon is actually a primary weapon, falling into the specials category. This is reflected in the weapon itself, but leaves many questions as to how the weapon is most effectively meant to be used as a primary weapon when the weapon is at heart just a pistol?

Fortunately several hours of testing across a variety of perk and attachment combinations have revealed a few interesting things. First of all, the weapon is seriously powerful, by far the most dangerous pistol ever included in a Call of Duty game, with 2 shot kills out to reasonable distances, clear iron sights and excellent recoil. This makes for a weapon which is pretty deadly and only held down in two regards; its magazine size (just 6 rounds before a reasonably long reload) and its fire rate, being a semi automatic in a field of spray and pray weapons.

So how do you play to its strengths and minimize its weaknesses? A very useful attachment can be found in the form of Advanced Rifling. This increases each of its damage thresholds for 2 and 3 shot kills out to slightly longer ranges. This means that with a little bit of precision, you can eliminate the hard set fact of a single kill per clip and potentially deal with a couple of people in one magazine. Unfortunately there is no extended magazines option so your only method of fixing ammo capacity is with the dual wield attachment, which turns it into an instant kill at close range and a wreck at a distance.

The laser sight sounds like a solid choice but in reality rarely wields any influence, with its 10% boost to hip fire range it is rarely the difference between getting a kill and not getting a kill, and in a similar vain the optical sights are all slightly redundant wastes of attachment slots as the iron sights are so good. This means if you want a boost to your abilities you’ll have to look elsewhere, and the perk & exo ability choice can be a good way to spend points.

Gung ho allows you to use the weapon while on the move, and lightweight and overclock allow you to move at the fastest movement speed possible in the game while doing this. This will help you avoid all resistance and also get within kill range of even pretty far away enemies. Blast suppressor continues this theme of “fast” and allows for an extra boost of speed to be added to the class.

With all of this combined, the M1 irons is a deadly weapon which can kill people with unrivaled precision. The weapon rewards accuracy and skill with some serious time to kill’s, and for this reason is one of the most interesting in the game.

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