Take-Two’s Has Bought Zynga: Should We Worry?

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Take-Two has recently bought Zynga, and they paid $12.7 billion. But fans are wondering what does it actually means for Android and iOS.

The company’s CEO, Strauss Zelnick, stated: “Combining Zynga’s expertise in mobile and next-generation platforms with Take-Two’s best-in-class capabilities and intellectual property will enable us to further advance our mission to connect the world through games while achieving significant growth and synergies together.”

Rockstar Games is part of Take-Two, which means that we will probably see more of the GTA games on both Android and iOS devices. “Zynga has ambitions in cross-platform titles, and we have that expertise here. And we have great intellectual property that so far has been expressed on console and PC and has not been brought to mobile. We think we can bring that to mobile, and that is not reflected in the revenue synergies that we’ve discussed.” This means we might get GTA’s latest games from the series. It also means that there’s a possibility we’re getting Red Dead Redemption, or even 2k Sports.

These are the GTA games available for mobile phones

  • III
  • Vice City
  • San Andreas
  • Liberty City Stories
  • Chinatown Wars

The company has also released Max Payne Mobile and Bully on both Android and iOS. But none of them were successful in the mobile market.

About Zynga

You might know Zynga from the game Farmville. Of course, GTA does not fit the same pattern, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Take-Two hasn’t talked about new mobile games yet, but we think we should patiently wait, cause something is definitely coming. Take-Two is trying to make a hit on the mobile gaming market – otherwise, why pay $12.7 billion to acquire Zynga?

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