Sony Finally Comes With Backwards Compatibility

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Sony has finally found a way to implement backward compatibility, and we’re excited. PlayStation 5 comes with a lot of interesting features and tech improvements, but there was one thing missing: backward compatibility. But that’s not the case anymore. We come with great news for you.

The latest patent from Sony was seen on Twitter. User Shaun stated that Sony might have scored this year. The patent is called “Backward Compatibility Through Use Of Spoof Clock And Fine Grain Frequency Control”, and it enables you to run an app that’s made for a different standard frequency clock.

The patent does not mention the PlayStation consoles, but fans believe it’s the PS4 and PS5 that will be capable of handling older games.

We know, it’s quite difficult to understand at the first glance, but bear with us. Games that are made for weaker systems – such as PS1, PS2, or PS3 – cannot run the games found on the current-gen consoles. This patent is bound to fix this problem, and allow us to enjoy the games on all consoles.

This is not a hardware solution, but a software one. Sony has a subscription service in the works, and its codename is Project Spartacus. We learned of it some time ago, and it might be integrating PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus. You will also get the classic titles to play, as well as new ones. Of course, we are not surprised, as Microsoft has also made some long-term, modern changes to the Xbox Game Pass. Sony was next in line, and it was the natural step to take forward. We are waiting for an official statement from the company.

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