Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 vs. Moto 360 – Do You Want a Watch or a Smartwatch?

Wearables are the next big thing on the market, and many manufacturers are trying hard and going the extra mile to produce the best and the most suitable smart wearable.

The main difference here is that Samsung has produced a smartwatch running on its own OS, while the Moto 360 is part of the Android wearables line. However, there are many other differences, and we break it down for you.

Design and Display

The question “whether you want a watch or a smartwatch” applies to the design of the devices. The Moto 360 looks more like a traditional watch, with round and circular form. The device is stylish and fashionable, and it can compete with some Swiss watches for the fashionable design. However, nothing is perfect, and with the Moto 360, the downside is the little black bar, located on the bottom of the display. The black bar reduces the 1.56 inch display. Moto 360 delivers resolution of 320x290pixels or 209ppi. The Gear 2, on the other hand, looks more like a smartwatch, a rectangular form wearable suited for tech geeks. Featuring the AMOLED technology, the 1.63 inch display looks vivid and gorgeous. Another advantage of the Gear 2 is the IP67 certificate, making the device resistant to dust and water. The problem with the Gear 2 is the weight, set at 55 grams. After a prolonged wearing, the watch may feel like a burden on the hand.

Hardware and Operating System

Moto 360 belongs in the Android Wear line. The Android Wear is a fully customizable OS, packed with Google features such as email and Google Now. Android wear provides more functionality and practical usage than other operating systems on the market, at the moment. Google has listed a whole section in the Play Store under the term Android Wear. The devices running on the Android Wear are compatible with Google Maps and Google Hangouts. The Gear Neo runs on an operating system by Samsung, which is the Tizen OS. From the launch of the OS, Samsung promised more than 1,000 applications, some of which are free, and some are priced at $1. Both devices can be used to receive notifications from the smartphone they are connected to, but also come with some fitness sensors such as pedometer, heart rate sensor and much more. The Gear 2 can also be used as a remote control, thanks to the IR blaster it features.


Unlike the Gear 2, which can connect only to Samsung devices, the Moto 360 is compatible with any other Android device out there.


One of the reasons Samsung switched to its own system, rather than using the Android Wear OS is the battery life. The company has pushed battery life of the Gear 2 up to 2 and half days. The Moto 360, on the other hand, delivers between 12 and 16 hours of usage.


Very rarely, a Samsung product is cheaper than competitive Android devices. That is the case in this situation. The Gear 2 costs only $200, while the Moto 360 is priced at $250.

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