Surface Pro 3 Accessories – Improve Your Tablet’s Utility Options

As you have laid out about $800 on the purchase of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, you must be willing to make the most out of your investment.

Being a premium tablet in the present market, the Surface Pro 3 has lots of accessories that enhance the protection as well as the utility of the tablet. From cases to pen holders, you can find thousands of accessories for your tablet in the market. Out of the bunch, we have handpicked some of the most effective accessories to enhance your utility options!

Logitech Ultra Thin Touch Mouse

After spending $800 on the Surface Pro tablet, you must be worried about its durability. To improve the life of your tablet, you may like to use the Logitech Ultrathin touch mouse for accessing your tablet. Now, this is not the sole reason for using this accessory. We recommend this Surface Pro 3 accessory because of its small size. This touch mouse weighs 6.9 ounces, measures 1.7 inches, 5.4 inches and 4.7 inches in thickness, length and width respectively. In simpler words, this mouse can be carried along with your tablet conveniently in your tablet bag.

This mouse comes in two colors – white and black. Although it is rumored that the black version supports Windows and white is compatible with Mac, the two editions are compatible with both Operating Systems and color is the only difference.

Docking Station

Many users of Surface Pro 3 find the tablet quite alike a notebook, except the missing angle of view. Microsoft has taken a step further with the launch of Docking station for the tablet at a competitive price of $199.99. This docking station is a complete solution for your tablet to be used as a laptop, because it comes with multiple fitted channels and ports or connectors. In other words, you can connect keyboard, mouse, external drives, camera and printer to improve the accessibility of your tablet. Moreover, the authorized docking station turns your tablet into a mini-laptop!

EEEKit Starter Kit

After spending $800 on the tablet, if you have exhausted your budget, then this starter kit is the recommended option for the protection and use of your tablet. The EEEKit Starter Kit is a great resource, available at an inexpensive tag of $15.99. This kit comprises of a case, USB hub, three plug-in ports, wireless mouse and a cleaning cloth.

The velvet pouch case is not of superior quality, but it provides fair protection from dust and scratches to your Microsoft tablet. The USB hub allows you to connect various accessories in order to improve the user experience. The wireless mouse is not as good as the Logitech Ultra thin mouse, but it is a fine option for accessing your tablet. The cleaning cloth is an appreciable offering, as it reminds and allows you to keep your tablet clean.

Evecase Briefcase Bag

If you are looking forward to using the Microsoft tablet for business purposes, it is imperative to take proper care of it while travelling. Bearing this in mind, the Evecase briefcase bag is a must-have accessory for the Surface Pro 3. With foam padding on the inner portion and hard exterior section, this bag provides utmost level of safety to the Microsoft tablet. The presence of zipped pockets in the front and back side enables you to keep your documents safely. More importantly, the short handle and an additional, removable shoulder strap are offered for carrying the tablet conveniently.

Pen Loop Stylus Holder

About 84 out of every 100 users of Surface Pro 3 complain about its design because there is no option to keep the pen beside the tablet. The Pen Loop Stylus Holder is an inexpensive solution that costs $4.99 and adds a thin pen holder in the tablet or its cover. As this holder comprises of a thin loop and some adhesive, you can paste the holder in your tablet and put the pen inside the loop.
This holder is barely a piece of cloth along with an adhesive and is a remarkable option to keep the Surface Pro Pen with the tablet. Moreover, purchasing this $5 pen holder would save you additional $45 as the replacement of the pen costs $50.

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