Google Hangouts Free Download Gets New Improved Looks on Mac and Other Platforms

The developers of Google Hangouts have brought a couple of changes to the Chrome based app which now adopts the popular material design from Android and brings all contacts under a single window.

Ever since the material design was introduced with the Android 5.0 Lollipop, the people at Google have been having a busy time. They spend all their hours to change every other app, browser and interface to match the new design. After all, without making these changes, they may not be able to bring all of them under the same brand. Besides, material design has gained enough support from users that it is being integrated into majority of their products including their desktop version of software and apps.

Material Design

The material design for Google Hangouts app on Chrome has been rolled out to the Mac users. But, the developers in their official blog confirm that it will not only be for the Macintosh users, but for everyone else including those who use Linux and Windows operating systems. The information was confirmed by the production manager Mayur Kamat who is in charge of the design and development cycle. They have made the update available at the Chrome store from where you could download it manually. Most users should be able to experience the features, when the automatic update is initiated in a couple of days.

Transparent Mode

Apart from the material design, there are also a few changes, which have been made specifically for the Mac version of Google Hangouts. If you are not using it on a Macintosh machine, you may have to switch off the transparent mode so as to make it work efficiently. You should follow the steps to switch off the mode on Chrome OS, Linux and Windows.

The aesthetic changes are evident in the app, which looks much better but in terms of features, they have finally made all contacts available under a single window. It makes it much easier to access the ones you need and you can also contact anyone from the list, without having to wade through a long list of contacts. There are usually hundreds of people on every Google account, because one may have been using it for too long and it makes it tough to find your frequent contacts. This addition brings them to the same window so that as soon as you initiate a search, it will bring the list of relevant names.

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