Clash of Clans – Best Tips and Tricks for Traps with Defensive Villages


One of the most popular mobile strategy games right now is Clash of Clans. In this game, you will have to build your village, farm for resources, defend it and raid other villages for resources and trophies.

If you are new to the game, you might have problems in finding the right defensive setup for your village, but don’t worry, we will provide a few setups in this article.

  1. Walls

One of the most important defensive structures that many new players avoid to build is a wall. The walls will end up being one of the greatest defensive buildings as they will delay land units to touch your important buildings until they break it. In the meantime, your other defensive buildings such as Archer Tower, Wizard Tower, Cannons, Mortars, etc. will attack the enemy, if they have enough range. With other words, your attackers are getting free hits just because they have that wall between them and your defensive buildings.

Inside the walls, you will obviously put your defensive buildings along with the Town Hall, storage resources. To make things even tougher for the one who’s attacking you, you will place useless buildings such as army camps, barracks, gold mines, etc. outside the walls, but right next to the walls, so that your attackers will have to destroy the building before they even reach the walls.

  1. Avoid having too many resources

If you don’t plan on upgrading something that needs a lot of resources anytime soon, avoid having too many resources. Just upgrade walls or whatever you need to keep your resources as low as possible, because if you have a good amount of resources, this will attract players and they will attack your village. Once you feel that you have a strong defensive village, you may start gathering resources for your big upgrades.

  1. Close defensive buildings

Try to put your defensive buildings close to each other, instead of spreading them out all over your village. Try to put them in a way so that they can defend each other. Your attacker will have a really hard time to get inside your village and he will most likely lose the battle.

  1. Farming defensive base

This type of base is used to protect big amounts of resources. When you defend only your resources, you don’t care much about Trophies, so because of that, you will “kick” your Town Hall outside of the walls and instead put inside some gold mines or elixir pumps. By using this strategy, you will most likely be attacked by someone who’s farming Trophies and doesn’t care much about your resources. This will make him attack your Town Hall (because it is an easy target and it gets him Trophies) and then just leave you alone. After your Town Hall is destroyed, you will gain a 12 hour shield that will not allow anyone to attack you during that time. You will most likely want to do this before you go to sleep or when you know that you will be offline for a few hours, to avoid attacks.

  1. Defending resources and trophies

If you are a more balanced player who wants to farm for both resources and trophies, you will put the Town Hall inside the walls. Right beside it you should put your gold and elixir storages and defensive buildings. You will also need some high level walls to make things even harder for your attacker. This strategy is mostly used by beginners or low level players who want to gain resources and trophies fast.

Clash of Clans: Traps Tips and Tricks

We know that many of the new players are not using them and they are wrong for not doing that. A spring trap can kick off from the village a unit that has a big amount of life points, such as Giants. The bomb tramps can do damage to multiple targets at a time and the giant bombs can win you a battle with ease.

However, you will need to understand the game pretty well and place the traps in the right spots. There are many guides all over the internet but your enemies are probably looking at them also and they will soon guess where you placed your bombs, because you followed the “x” article that he read too. This is why placing bombs will need to be unique so that you can offer your attacker a nice “surprise” for the big wave of troops he sent out.


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