Cases for Apple iPad mini 3 – Get Both Style and Protection for Your iPad

With many amazing cases available on the market, and many new ones being made every day, you don’t have to choose between protection and style of your tablet anymore.

You can have both. There are so many choices that can make your head spin. Whether you want to improve style, protection, or functionality of your iPad mini 3, there is a case for your tablet. Let’s see some interesting and functional cases.

Speck DuraFolio Case

This case is a strong shell with button covers that can take the severity of any impact. It also has the cut-outs for the ports of the tablet, and it’s been tested and delivers to military standards of drop protection. It has a very thin cover that protects the tablet’s screen, while the built-in magnets hold the case securely closed, and automatically wake your tablet when you open the case. The exterior comes in a choice of five different colors and you can adjust the case in different angles, whether you want to comfortably watch a movie or type on your iPad mini 3.

ShowFolio iPad mini 3 Case

This is an in-car viewing case that provides your backseat passengers with a lot of fun as they can comfortably watch movies, videos, and more. You can easily set up and remove this case from the car’s headrest post, thanks to fold-away clips on the case. Embedded magnets on the case will keep it securely closed, as well as auto sleep or wake your tablet. The case has protective folio construction, and has been tested against cracks, scratches and extreme temperatures.

Belkin LEGO Builder Case

This playful and fun case will definitely gladden all the Lego fans. It adds protection for your iPad mini 3 in a different, amusing way. You have a blank Lego canvas on the back of the case where you can actually snap on real Lego bricks and customize your case in any way you like while having loads of fun.

Apple Smart Case

This is the Apple’s official case for iPad mini 3 that protects your tablet and also acts as a practical stand in various stand positions. It has powerful built-in magnets that keep the case securely attached, as well as sleep/wake your iPad mini 3 automatically. The case is made with leather on the outside and soft microfiber on the inside. You can choose between five stylish colors-red, black, blue, beige, or brown.

Knomad Mini Leather Organizer

This is a luxurious, stylish case for iPad mini 3 made from leather. Its premium look is finished in tomato red or black. When opened, it provides you with many soft canvas pockets that can fit your accessories, tablet, iPhone and more. There are also pouches for a pen holder or a stylus and for cards.

Your iPad mini 3 looks great, for sure, but its aluminum design makes it fragile and slippery, so make sure to get a perfect case for your tablet that not only protects it, but also provides your mini 3 with style and functionality.

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