Spying on WhatsApp – Best Tips and Tricks to Handle this Problem

If espionage is your pastime activity, then you will find WhatsApp invaluable in quenching your thirst for learning about other people’s activities.

You may want to keep tabs on your cheating spouse or mischievous teenager who has pervasive tendencies. WhatsApp lets you nail the cheating spouse or the adolescent who can’t keep off the adult content no matter the number of warnings you give them.

Spymaster Pro

Installing Spymaster Pro enables you to track and read the entire conversations that the teens or spouses engage themselves in.The evidence you get will enable you make informed decisions whether to continue dating a cheating partner or in case you are married you may have to review that divorce thought which has been haunting you all that time. However, be warned that spymaster is not free, it’s a premium software and you’ll have to part with a few dollars in order to enjoy the service.

To install the tracking app, check the MAC (Media Access Control) contact of your phone. Change the MAC address and confirm your phone number as WhatsApp will prompt you to do. In order to access the privacy of your victim (teenager or spouse) make sure you change both the MAC address of your lover and or the victim.

Hide “Last Seen” Timestamp

You can disguise your online status by concealing the very identity that makes you visible to others. This is done by removing the last seen timestamp. You can see others online but they cannot see you. This gives you an added advantage that you can track the conversations without their knowledge. Again, they will not have to bother you for contribution as they normally do when they discover that you are online. Simply navigate your WhatsApp privacy settings by going to Account > Privacy > Last seen > Nobody.

Lock Screen

By use of a pattern, a code or an image such as your face or fingerprint or even your eyes, you can protect your WhatsApp conversations from being accessed by your siblings, friends or parents whenever they get curious about what you may be doing with your phone.

Alternatively, download Secure Chat app and install Lock Messenger and choose Lock WhatsApp.

Afraid of Losing  

An adult needs a much more convincing explanation. They can even sue you for violating their privacy and space. It would be too bad for you because you might have to part with colossal sums of money in the name of compensation for damages caused in the event that you are found guilty.

Sweet tongues will explain it away that they were “afraid of losing you.” Will you forgive?


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