Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Looks Like the iPad Air, Is Samsung Copying Apple Again?

Every time Samsung gets ready to release a new product, rumors start surfacing that Samsung is copying the design of Apple products.

The two companies have battled in the past, with Samsung losing in court for the design of the Galaxy S2 and had to pay millions of dollars to Apple. Now, with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 close to launch, the leaked specs show a high resemblance to another Apple’s product, the iPad Air.

Release Date Rumors

The Galaxy Tab S2 is scheduled for a June release. Samsung is yet to schedule an event. There are no big conferences or events in June that Samsung might use as the stage for the Tab S2. Whether the company announces the new tablet at an individual event, we have yet to see. The date is also up in the air as well. However, many expect Samsung to time the Tab S2 for a late June announcement, and release it in the market in July.

Design and Display

The design of the tablet is what has got people’s attention. Samsung will use a similar design as the one of the Galaxy S6 for the Tab S2. The design is an all metal unibody, and Samsung has made a goal to beat Apple in the thickness department. The Tab S2 should be just 5.4mm thick, which is less than the 6.1mm thick iPad Air 2. The display of the tablet might see changes as well, as Samsung intends to lower the resolution to 2048 x 1536 pixels. The first generation of Tab S featured 2560 x 1600 pixels resolution. There are rumors that Samsung will release two versions of the Galaxy Tab S2, one with 8 inches screen display and one with 9.7 inches display.

Hardware Rumors

The Galaxy Tab S2 will be a tablet version of the Galaxy S6 which suggests high end specs. Rumors suggest that Samsung will use the same Exynos 7420 chipset in the Tab S2, or another 64-bit equivalent chipset. The device will feature 3 GB of RAM and start with 32 GB of internal storage. Unlike on the S6, Samsung will provide microSD card support for the Galaxy Tab S2. It will be tricky to place the slot, knowing that the thickness of the phone is 5.4mm, but Samsung is determined to do so. The camera is said to be an 8-MP sensor on the rear. On the front, Samsung will place a 2-MP snapper on the Tab S2.

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