Vapor Cloupor Mini 7W-30W with Lowest Atomizer Review

Vapor Cloupor Mini 7W-30W with Lowest Atomizer Review

Cloupor has made a new product in the Cloupor Mini 7W-30W. This atomizer product is designed with the intention of helping people to get the most out of their vaping processes.

This device is made with a sturdy body and can easily be adjusted to feature different wattage levels. It is also very easy to control and adjust as demanded.

An Interesting Body

The Cloupor Mini 7W-30W is a unit that is only 77.5mm in length at its longest point. It is also about 36mm wide and 22mm thick, thus giving out a good design that is easy for all to use.

This body comes with a clear digital display that also shows things relating to the wattage that is being used at a given time. It also features a series of buttons that will turn the power level up and down. These buttons will create one of the easiest-to-use setups that anyone can enjoy handling.

There’s also a fire button that makes it very easy for the heat in the unit to be let out and used as demanded, thus making it very easy for the atomizer to start up any vaping item.

VV/VW Mode Works

The Mini also uses VV/VW mode to help take care of the heating processes with more than enough control. In fact, the unit has an Ohm precision rate of about 0.01, thus making it one of the most accurate units around.

Fits In With Many Devices

It will not be all that hard for people to use this atomizer with a good series of ports and controls. The atomizer works with an adjustable 510 PIN that makes it capable of fitting most vaporizers.

The Battery Works Well

The unit even works with a sturdy battery that is easy to handle and does not take much time to charge or use. The device has a USB port at the bottom that helps with getting the battery to be charged up as quickly as possible.

It works with care with the intention of creating a stronger unit that is not too hard for people to set up.

It Distributes Heat With Care

The process of getting heat out from the atomizer to the vaporizer can be important as too much heat can damage the components of a device. The Mini uses a vaping time counter that ensures that the vaporizer will only let out heat once every fifteen seconds. This should provide the user with enough heat for a device without worrying about commonplace problems relating to the way how heat is coming out.

The unit is also protected against over-charge problems. Over-charges can be dangerous but if they are utilized with care the it should not be all that hard for a setup to be organized with care.


In summary, the Cloupor Mini is an interesting atomizer in that it provides an extensive variety of heating and vaping features in a rather small package. It is easy to use and has a setup that is rather self-explanatory. It makes it so heat will be distributed with care and that the setup on the vaporizer will not be all that hard for anyone to work with as necessary.

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