Sony: The Company Gets Sued by a Former Employee. Here’s Why

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It’s 2021, it would be normal to think that discrimination does not exist anymore. Women and men should be paid equally, but that does not seem to be the case. And big companies have this problem, according to the latest news. Sony has big problems. And this company is not the only one, unfortunately.

So what happened?

It seems that Sony is facing a class action discrimination lawsuit from an ex-IT security analyst. Emma Majo is the one suing the company, saying that they have wrongfully terminated her employment suddenly. She spoke up about discrimination that she and other women faced at the company.

Are there other companies out there that do this?

But Sony is not the only one with these problems. According to latest news, Activision Blizzard is also dealing with these kind of problems. The CEO of Sony, Jim Ryan, condemned the CEO of Activision, Bobby Kotick’s response to the claims.

Majo stated that Sony pays men more, even if women also do the same work. She also said Sony has denied women the opportunity for promotions. She also talks about sexist speech and sexist behavior.

Sony fired Majo in 2021, after she submitted a signed statement about the discrimination in the workplace.

Sony claims that her termination was actually part of wider layoffs since they closed her department, but the thing is that Majo wasn’t even part of that department.

Majo has submitted her complaint to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. The person who sued Activision Blizzard back in July, said she did it so that other women who experiences discrimination can speak up and talk about problems.

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