World of Warcraft: Pilgrim’s Bounty Holiday Is Finally Here

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The Feast of Pilgrim’s Bounty started, and you can start completing the activities which are only available this week.

This is the moment in which you can celebrate with friends and without the usual rivalry from the game. You can share items – but make sure you do it quickly, as it only lasts until the 30th of November, on Tuesday.

Fortunately, you don’t have to feel obligated to complete these activities, as they are not part of the Meta “What a Long Strange Trip it has Been.” But if you want to complete them, then you should do it fast.

If you’re an average player, then you should really consider taking part in these activities. The Spirit of Sharing buff requires you to eat five helpings of each kind of food, and this gives you a 10% increased reputation.

This holiday is all about cooking, but there is a teeny tiny problem: you need to have a 280 classic cooking skills to complete the tasks.

There are five daily quests to complete around the tables, and they can be found outside of every factions capital cities. As a reward, you get a piece of the Pilgrim’s set or a Pilgrim’s Bounty Cache. These can contain Fine Pilgrim’s Hat, Frightened Bush Chicken battle pet, or the Silver-Plated Turkey Shooter. Moreover, you will also get numerous seasonal items.

There is a total of 8 achievements to complete the event, and you only need 7 for the meta-achievement, for which you get the Pilgrim Title and Plump Turkey.

What are the achievements?

  • Food Fight
  • Now We’re Cookin’
  • Pligrim’s Paunch
  • Terokkar Turkey Time
  • The Terkinator
  • Turkey Lurkey
  • Pilgrim’s Peril
  • Pilgrim’s Progress

Don’t forget that you can get the Turkey Critter Shape by getting the Spirit of Sharing buff and then eating one round of each serving.

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