GTA 6: A Financial Report Confirms the Release Date

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There are probably more rumors and false claims about GTA 6 on the internet than there are grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth. But it seems that the wait is finally over for those who want to find out when the long-awaited game is coming out.

GTA 5, the latest game of the legendary Grand Theft Auto series, will turn ten years old this year. The RPG first came out for Xbox consoles back in 2013, when the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming machines were just seeing daylight. That was an amazing game, as it’s still hugely popular even today when there are so many other open-world titles available! But you know what they say that you just cannot please people forever, regardless of how hard you try. That’s why GTA 6 is needed!

GTA 6’s release date is set for 2025

Gaming Bible reveals that according to a recent Raymond James report, Take-Two Interactive is optimistic about its near and medium-term future, citing GTA 6’s potential to remove a major point of financial uncertainty, with CEO Strauss Zelnik mentioning a fiscal 2025 release.

The very first GTA game came out back in November 1997, and it was available for MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows. As you can easily guess, the graphics were far inferior to the latest GTA titles, such as GTA 5, GTA 4, and even GTA Vice City, San Andreas, or GTA 3. However, that 1997 title was the starting point for a glorious series, as it’s hard to imagine a game series that will have such a huge impact in the near future.

GTA 3, on the other hand, which came out more than two decades ago, represented the turning point of the series. That was the moment the Grand Theft Auto series switched to a 3D environment rather than the boring 2D approach that existed in the previous titles.

We’re eagerly looking forward to information regarding GTA 6 from Rockstar itself, as that would be, without a doubt, the most reliable source.

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