What Is Happening With Roku? The 10.5 Update Has Users Complaining

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The 10.5 software update has come with issues, and Roku fans are not happy. People have complained on Reddit and Roku forums, stating that apps like ESPN, HBO Max, and Disney Plus, among others, do not allow them to watch videos after the update.

Roku has released a statement saying that some older Roku TV models and older Roku Ultra players have this problem. The company then advises people who use Roku Ultra models 4660, 4661, 4662, or 4670, and the Roku TV model 7XXX to check for updates.

Roku has also asked users to get back to their previous versions of OS. Some Reddit users reported that they got a prompt message with the upgrade from 10.5 to 10.0, but the company does not say if they will offer it to everyone.

Some have also talked about having problems with the YouTube TV app – but this one has had problems on most devices, from Apple TVs to Amazon Firesticks and Chromecast, as well as consoles and smart TV. Fortunately, iOS and Android users do not have this problem. The company is currently looking for ways to solve the problem across all platforms.

These two problems don’t seem to be related one to another, and they are working on solving the problem, so we can just wait and see the results.

Roku users will be happy to have these problems solved – with Hulu, Netflix and many other streaming services, but with YouTube TV, there’s another problem. Roku and Google are currently in an argument because YouTube TV is not available on the platform’s store. Google has threatened to stop YouTube TV from being available to Roku starting with December.


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