WhatsApp – How To Send Messages To Everyone

WhatsApp is a nice messaging service that allows you to send free messages to everyone who is also using the app on their mobile devices. With WhatsApp you can send photographs, messages, videos as well as voice messages. The app is available on several different platforms including iOS and Android as well as Windows and more. Here is how you can send messages to everyone with WhatsApp.

Step 1.

Register yourself with WhatsApp

Open the app and then enter your phone number on the Phone Number Screen. If you live outside the US then click on US and select your country. After registering with WhatsApp you can send an SMS message with your verification code in it. If your phone does not support SMS messaging then ask WhatsApp to use an automated telephone call to do the same thing.

Step 2.

Provide your name

You will see a PROFILE screen. Click on this and then provide the name that you plan on using with WhatsApp. It is up to you to choose your real name or you can also use a pseudonym and you can also add your profile picture at this time.

Step 3.

Locate your friends who are using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is going to require you to give it access to your phone. Give your permission and then it will make use of the phone numbers of your contacts to find out users who are also using WhatsApp. These people will be added to your favorites screen and all your contacts will be listed on the Contacts screen. If you don’t want to give WhatsApp access to your phone, then you will need to manually add your contacts using their phone numbers.

Step 4. 

Ready to send messages?

In the WhatsApp app, you will need to find Favorites. Click on this to send a message or alternatively you can also send messages from the CHAT screen. To send the message you will need click on a friend’s name. If none of your friends are using WhatsApp then to send them a message you will have to first invite them to use the app. To send the message, you will need to use the keyboard on your mobile device to type the message that you want to send.

If you want to send a message via WhatsApp to everyone you know then you will need to first open the app. Click on the Menu button and then tap on New Broadcast. Now, enter the names of all the people whom you wish to send the message to. To enter multiple names, click on the plus button to choose friends from your contacts list. Next, tap on the Next button and type your message and if you want to, you can also attach media to your message. To send the message, simply click on the SEND button and all the contacts that you chose will receive your message.


To send a message to everyone, you can also achieve your goals by using the Broadcast Message feature. Next, click on the Broadcast Lists button on the Chat Screen. Next, click on New List and type in all the names of people whom you wish to send the message to. After this, tap Create. This lists all the people who are going to receive your message. That’s all there is to sending a message to everyone.

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