Skype vs Viber – Download Latest Chatting Applications That Dominates The VoIP Arena

Nowadays, people use their phones not only to make free in-network, regardless of their calling plan, but they also install chatting applications to be able to call their friends who live in other countries, for free. How is that possible? Applications such as Skype or Viber require only internet access to allow their users to make free voice calls to their friends who are using the same application. Since both apps offer VoIP calls, in this article we’ll refer to their similarities and differences.

Easy to install

When installing Viber on a mobile device, you will need to be verified so you’ll have to provide your phone number, as it will be your identification for this app. Viber can be installed and used on only one phone and every person that is found in the phonebook already registered to Viber, will be automatically added to your list of contacts. With Skype, things are simpler. You’ll download the file, then create an account and specify a username and password to log into the application. You’ll be able to install it on a phone, tablet or computer and contacts will be added manually, so you’ll need to enter their email addresses. When logging into Skype from another device, the contacts will be synced automatically.

Mutual features

Both applications allow you to make VoIP calls at low rates, send free messages and multimedia files using your data plan or a WiFi connection. In addition, the users can make free voice and video calls to any person that uses the same application, but if they call their friends on their mobile numbers or landline numbers, they will have to pay a small charge.

Call quality

Skype is, without a doubt, much better when it comes to audio quality, offering HD voice calls thanks to Opus and the open source codec that integrates the SILK codec (created especially for Skype) for voice transmission with the CELT freeware codec for higher quality audio transmissions. Also, the video quality is worth praising, Skype using VP8 is for group and one-on-one standard definition video chat. Unfortunately, Skype is eating more data compared to Viber, so if you have a limited data plan, you should install Viber, even if the audio and video quality isn’t superior.


Both applications are free to use and Skype has the advantage to support tablets. Skype and Viber can be installed on smartphones running the most important operating systems and the users will opt for subscription plans for calling their friends on mobile phones or landlines.

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