Skype vs Viber – Comparing Landlines And Premium Calls Quality

Today, almost everyone who wants to communicate quickly and easily knows that Skype and Viber are two very worthwhile options. Communicating online has become an important factor for most of us.

We all want to communicate quickly and also as often as we want and at the same time we want to makes sure that the costs involved are affordable. Chatting is no longer a popular option. Talking to others via the Internet has taken over and more people are now opting to make landline and video calls over the Internet.

Applications like the ones called Skype and Viber are very popular options. Before opting for one over the other it pays to do a brief Skype Vs. Viber comparison. The two applications are in direct competition with each other. Viber allows its users to talk for free with others who are also using the Viber app. Skype on the other hand allows you to indulge in video chatting. Both apps are free to use but they also suffer from a few limitations. To overcome these limitations, both apps offer a Premium edition, which cost money.

Communicate across platforms

Both Skype and Viber allow you to communicate via different platforms. The latter allows you to call people on their mobile phones. Viber also allows you to speak to people who use landlines and mobile phones. You can use Viber even if the other person does not have Viber. Skype also allows you to make calls across platforms, including landlines.

Quality of calls

Skype has built up an enviable reputation for providing best call quality. Whether you are speaking to someone on his or her landline phone or even if they are using a mobile phone, Skype offers better call quality. The reason why their call quality is better is because Skype makes use of HD voice and better codecs.

Viber is however not sitting back and letting Skype get a head start on them. They are working hard and are currently offering a beta stage video call option. However, at present there no doubts the fact that Skype is the better option in terms of call quality on both landline and premium calls.

How well can you connect with others?

When we talk of connectivity we are talking about the ability to reach out and talk to others without needing to pay any money. With Viber, you can only speak to others who are also using Viber. It is not possible to use Viber to talk to others who do not have Viber.

Skype on the other hand allows you to speak to others for free. In addition, with Skype it is possible to connect with people who are not using Skype but who have a Hotmail account or other Microsoft identification. Skype can connect you with people who are using landlines or cell phones.

However, for this facility, Skype will charge you a fee but the good news is that Skype landline rates and mobile phone rates are low and so Skype scores over Viber in terms of connectivity.


Though people like to use Viber there no doubts the fact that Skype generally scores over it. Viber is good for those who want to make basic calls and who want to integrate their smartphones in a better way. Viber is also more economical but Skype offers better call quality and it also has a bigger database of users and hence is the better option.

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