Skype Outperform Viber In Call Quality

Both Skype and Viber offer pretty much the same service in that they are both apps that allow their users to voice and video chat with other users absolutely free no matter where they are in the world.

Of course people are used to it with Skype due to the popularity of the desktop program, but this industry is extremely tough in the mobile phone market, so we are talking about fine margins when trying to select the app to download. In this instance, it depends on the quality of the call and to be honest out of the two it is Skype that is best.

Why Skype Is Better

It is not simply a case of Skype have been doing this for longer, so they have the experience that means they are better. Instead, it all comes down to the technology that they are using and it is fair to say that this does indeed make a real difference.

With Skype, they have already been using HD quality technology for some time and that does make a huge difference with both voice and video calling. The connection is faster, so there are fewer hang times and the image that you get with the video calling is certainly crisper and moves more smoothly as a direct result. They also use more advanced codecs, and even though this may be too technical for most people to understand, the important part is that it just means that there are fewer technical issues from a coding and playback perspective, so you get a better end result.

It should also be noted that Skype uses up more data with their connections and this does turn into a better quality call and at least they have the technology to back up this increased level of data collection. It is fair to say that Viber have a bit of catching up to do if they want to surpass Skype both in popularity as well as the quality of the product that they offer.

So, Skype is indeed outperforming Viber because:

  • They collect more data meaning a better quality call both with voice as well as video.
  • They use faster technology.
  • They use more powerful technology.
  • They use enhanced codecs that mean the playback is better and works more smoothly.
  • You will have fewer technical issues with Skype and it is less likely to go wrong.

It is fair to say that both Skype and Viber offer a quality service, but if you had to choose one over the other with regards to the quality of the end product, then Skype is the winner by a considerable distance. The call is crisper, there are less errors with it, the video calling feature is a lot smoother, and overall you will be a lot happier with the service that you get with Skype.

However, both are free, so do we have a right to complain about something when it is costing us nothing in the first place? Probably not, but Skype still comes top of this particular poll.

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