Skype Full Version 7.5.738 Offline Installer Free Download And Install

Skype is the most popular chatting application, being released 11 years ago, but all this time, the developers worked hard on improving its services, even if it went through some changes of ownership. Microsoft acquired it in 2011 for the sum of 8.5 billion dollars and the next step was to team up with Comcast, to bring the video chat service to the Comcast subscribers, then two years later, a free video messaging service was released for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and BlackBerry, the iPhone 5 and the fourth generation iPad users were allowed to make HD quality videos, and the last additional feature was implemented into Microsoft Office’s software, allowing the users to chat with their co-workers, from the same document. Now, a new version was released and you can download it from the official website.

Skype is a great application for chatting, making free voice-over IP calls and to other mobile and landline numbers at competitive rates, using a Skype credit, but there are many other features that will convince you to install Skype immediately. It’s a very secure application, but it’s biggest drawback is the amount of mobile data that it uses when making voice calls. This is why the users must have unlimited data plan and a big battery powering up their mobile devices, but if the application is used on a computer, it shouldn’t be a problem.

With Skype, you will have a unique name, a profile image and you will add friends manually, after introducing their email addresses. You can call them for free, so you’ll need a microphone attached to your headphones, and if you have a webcam, you will be able to make free video calls. On mobile devices, you will have a front camera which will support video calls.

The interface is user friendly and at the top you’ll see seven tabs for Skype, Contacts, Conversation, Call, View, Tools and Help; the list of contacts is in the left side, and the conversation with a contact is displayed in the right side of the screen. When clicking on a contact, you will be given two options – Video Call and Call, but there is also an instant message box for those who simply want to type. If you have nine close friends and want to talk to them simultaneously, with Skype you can create Group Video Chats. Depending on the quality of their internet connection, the images can be pixilated and the users can experience lags and interruptions.

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