Skype Free Download: Top Tips and Tricks for All Users  

Skype is a very popular name in the world of internet communication.

This is because Skype free download is the first application ever to offer free VoIP services for the PC users.

The popularity of this application grew even further thanks to the fact that it had the ability to send free instant messages to other users of the app. These messages include texts, photos and even video clips. Even though this application has since moved to the mobile industry with applications for mobile phones and tablets, it is still very dominant in the PC world. Skype free download has gone from just being an application, which friends can use to keep in touch with each other and now it is being used by large business corporations when they opt for video conferences rather than hold physical meetings.

The ability of Skype to offer video conferencing has proved to be a very worthy addition for many business entities as it saves them a lot in terms of time of travel and cost of travel as well. In essence, Skype free download is a very cheap and convenient way of keeping track of things, be it personal or office stuff.

Skype free download has been around for more than a decade, since it started operations, which is one reason why this application is very popular. Furthermore, it can be used on a variety of devices other than PCs, tablets and smartphones. In the recent days, it has become a common thing to sport a Skype application in PlayStation Vita, Xbox One as well as in Smart TVs.

If you are new on Skype, then you have made the right move as you will enjoy the experience of using Skype. Better still, the following tips and tricks could still be utilized by the current users of this Microsoft-owned VoIP app.

Managing your chat history

Skype stores all messages on your device. However, you can save lots of storage space by setting these messages to be deleted after some time, say a week, 2 weeks, 1 month and so on. To do this, go to “Tools>Options>IM & SMS>Show Advanced Options>Keep history for” and you’ll notice that this last option is set to “forever,” to mean all Skype messages are stored on the device forever. You can change this option to an option you feel is comfortable with you or even choose not to keep any history at all.

Filter notifications using key phrases

The latest version of Skype free download is getting better and smarter. It is now possible to direct the application to only show notifications that you specify, based on certain key phrases. This means that you can only chose to be notified of messages on specific topics, be it from a workmate or family member and in the process you’ll avoid being disturbed unnecessarily with ‘irrelevant’ messages.

To set these phrases, you need to be in an open chat window and then click on “Conversation>Notification Settings” and from here select “Notify me only if these words are mentioned” after which you’ll have to add the phrases manually and click “Ok”.

Hide moving pencil when writing

When on a Skype chat, it is possible to see when someone is writing or deleting something. This is so because of the moving pencil that appears above the message box. While this feature might be appreciated by some, there are others who hate when someone on the receiving end finds out how undecided they are when he or she starts writing a reply, deletes it before rewriting it and then send it.

To save you this embarrassment, go to “Tools>Options>IM & SMS>Settings>Show Advanced Options> and while in there, uncheck the box with the phrase “Show when I am typing” to hide the moving pencil when writing.

Import Skype contacts to another Skype account

You can own more than one Skype account. If you want to keep the same contacts on both accounts, you must import these accounts or add them manually one by one. Importing them is easier than manually adding them.

First of all log into the account that has the contacts you want to import and create a backup of these contacts via “Contacts>Advanced>Backup contacts to file”. After saving this file on your drive, log out of the current account and log into the account you want the new contacts saved to. Using the same path as above, this time opt for “Restore contacts from file” and then choose the *.vcf file that you saved from the first account.

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