Apple iPad Pro with 12-inch Screen Expected at WWDC 2015

For a long time now, Apple was rumored to launch the iPad Pro tablet which may sport a massive screen size of 12-inches.

Leaked images claim it might be announced at the upcoming WWDC 2015 event.

The iPad is the mother of all tablets which was designed and launched by Steve Jobs himself. The company made amazing profit through this device because people were fascinated by its ease of use. It was purely designed for entertainment with a whole lot of apps for movies, music, games and productivity in its simplest form. Even though it enjoyed a great run for at least five years in a row and was the only device that offered amazing 2K display until now, sales have started becoming sluggish now.

Increasing the Screen Size

When the iPad Mini with an 8-inch screen was launched, critics said that Apple is being forced to enter the size range because of the benchmark set by Google’s own Nexus 7 tablets. While the claim is true to a certain extent, it was also an opportunity that allowed people to buy a smaller sized iPad which had iOS on it. It was a welcome change and paved way for better sales in the past few years.

Both the tablets continue to coexist in the market without being a competition to one another. With sluggish sales, it is time to make the audience excited again which is why Apple is said to be working on the rumored iPad Pro which will have a massive 12-inch screen size. The increased size will allow developers to launch more productivity apps, let users get jobs and it will directly compete with Microsoft Surface which is now a favorite choice for those who prefer a laptop that is exceptionally compact to handle.

USB Type C Port

The iPad Pro, if it gets launched at WWDC 2015 event, will have a 12-inch screen based on the leaked image and it will also come with the USB Type C port. It will be convenient to charge the tablet and transfer data with much ease. It may also sport a camera without flash and has dual speakers for better sound effects.

The World Wide Developer Conference by Apple is scheduled to take place on June 12. While the company usually focuses mainly on operating systems in this month’s event, they may probably have a surprise hidden up their sleeve. If they miss this one, the iPad Pro launch could probably be in September or October.

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