WhatsApp Free Download and Transfer All Messages To New Phone

Not a day goes by without mentioning WhatsApp and its great features. This messaging application, as well as other big names from the market revolutionized the communication by replacing the traditional SMS texting with a cheaper method that requires an internet connection. So, the users can send free text messages to other friends that installed the same application, but their devices must use 3G or WiFi to connect to the internet. If you decide to change your old phone, don’t worry about losing your messages, because there’s a way to transfer them to your new device.

WhatsApp supports six mobile platforms and the most used one is Android, being followed by iOS, Blackberry and the rest of OS. Over 700 million people use it daily to send messages and they are convincing their friends to register too. Many people are still using old smartphones because they are too attached to them or they can’t afford to buy high end devices because they’re too expensive. But if you’re one of the users who managed to save some money and now you’re interested in purchasing a new smartphone with a more powerful processor or a mode advanced camera, you will be worried that once you insert your SIM card into the new device, you will lose all your conversations.

This won’t happen if you will back up your chat history on your previous phone. You will need to open the Settings Menu in WhatsApp, then to tap on Chat Settings>Backup conversations. You will connect your smartphone to your PC using a USB cable, then you’ll go to a folder called WhatsApp / Databases from your phone’s internal memory and you’ll look for a file that looks like msgstore-2013-05-29.db.crypt (the name is only an example, it’s not the real name of the file). Copy it to your PC’s desktop, then install WhatsApp on your new smartphone and connect it to your computer. The WhatsApp / Databases will be found on your new device, but if you can’t find it, create it manually. In there, you will paste the conversation backup file, and when you will open WhatsApp, you will need to enter your phone number, in order to get verified. The application will notify you that you have a message backup and you’ll tap on Restore to recover your messages.

Now you can pick from where you left off and you’ll have access to all your previous conversations.

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