Skype Free Download – How to Only Get Alerts When Specific Words are Mentioned?

Skype has become a vital everyday-app that allows you to communicate with other people, wherever you are.

It is a favorite messaging app for people who live abroad and want to have a video chat with their loved ones. Skype is also popular for its group chat features, which you can customize according to your own preference. The app also comes with many other features that make chats easier and more convenient. There are many Skype tricks and tips that you need to learn to get the best out of the popular messaging app.

Skype Group Chat Tricks

You can do many things on Skype and one of them is to share your screen with others. Screen sharing has been available for a long time, but it was only recently made available in a group chat for free. This feature allows you to share your current screen with the other users if you need to walk them through a process or if you just want to show them your photos on your recent trip. When in a group conversation, click the plus icon and select Share screens to begin.

Make Your Group Chat Password-protected

If you don’t trust the people who join your group chat via a link, you can easily remedy this problem. You can set a password for the group chat to avoid unwanted participants joining the conversation. Without the password, the other users won’t be able to chat with you even if they have a link to your group chat. You can set a password through a chat command. In the group chat box, type the following command: “/set password [PasswordText]”. Just replace the [PasswordText] with the password you want to use.

Receive Alerts for Specific Words

Group chats are a great way to keep in touch with a group of people, but sometimes when everyone has many things to say, it can get a bit chaotic. You may also not want to log out of the group chat while doing something else. You can keep the group conversation running in the background and get back to it when specific words are mentioned. This allows you to shut off notifications for new messages and only get alerts when these specific words are mentioned by the other users. You can only get alerts when your name was mentioned and the other words you choose. You can customize this setting by going to the Conversation and then Notification Settings inside the group conversation.

Use Chat Commands

The chat boxes are where you type a message but they are also useful for other things. This is where you can also type chat commands to control Skype. Skype has many chat commands you can use to control the app. You can see which devices you are currently signed in on by typing the command “/showplaces” in the chat box. If you wish to sign out from the other devices except the one you’re using, you can enter “/remotelogout”. You can also check out Skype support for a full list of chat commands.

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