Top 4 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for 2014 you Didn’t Know

Today, it is almost impossible to come across a smartphone user not using WhatsApp on his or her device.

As it stands, the app has more than 650 million downloads and WhatsApp is the leading provider of instant messaging services over the internet across the globe.

Furthermore, WhatsApp has the happiest users of all other instant messaging apps thanks to the regular updates that the developers of the app keep rolling out to ensure users have the best experience when using the app, as well as assurance of security with their information and data.

Most of the updates and features rolled out by WhatsApp are in accordance with the demands of the application’s users and this is what always keeps them loyal to the app.

Below are a few tips and tricks that have come out at the top this year when it comes to using WhatsApp in a manner that is more effective and very efficient.

Disabling the Auto Download Feature

As long as you are connected to the internet your app is not stopped, photos and videos will automatically be downloaded to your device. In this way, a lot of time is saved since you don’t have to open the photos when you access the app, instead; these photos and videos are immediately displayed to you when you click on either.

Although this is a very good feature, it can come as a burden, especially for those users running on a limited data bundle or have no access to wireless connection. This is because the small data pack available will be consumed in this way; you’ll be left with a hole in your pocket, as lots of data will be wasted on these insignificant things.

In order to disable this option, go to your app’s settings, then access the chat settings and from there, uncheck the option labeled “Media Auto Download”.

Hiding the Blue Tick Feature

Users of WhatsApp can hide from WhatsApp! The latest feature from WhatsApp is the blue tick. This feature enables senders of messages to know the exact time a message is read by the recipient. While some users have not received this feature that well, claiming that it’s a violation of their privacy, others have appreciated this update sighting the fact that it helps them know the people who ignore their messages.

The good part of this development is that this blue tick feature can also be hidden. However, disabling this blue tick feature will mean that you will also not be able to see if your friends have read your messages or not.

In order to hide the blue tick feature, go to your WhatsApp settings, then select the privacy settings of your account and from here, you should be able to see an option to uncheck the blue tick feature.

Sharing Location

Not everyone is good with directions. Explaining to someone how to get to a certain place can be very difficult. However, this issue has been addressed in the latest version of WhatsApp where users can share their locations.

In order to do this, tap on the arrow next to the chat box and then select a location. Your phone will detect your GPS location and using WhatsApp, this location will be sent to other persons of your interest.

Adding a Conversation shortcut to your Home Screen

This is a trick that most people have missed and with it you can pin the contact of a person you regularly chat with on your home screen of your phone and in this way, you can easily access them whenever you want to initiate a chat with them, rather than use the usual process of launching the app first, then go to the contacts list.

To do this, tap and hold on a contact you wish to create a shortcut for and from the resulting menu, select “Add conversation shortcut”. In this way, you’ll be saved a lot of time in finding a contact.

The flipside of this feature is that it’s only available for users of Android devices. As of now, users of iOS devices will still have to wait.

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