Clash of Clans Top Attack Tactics To Defeat Anyone

Clash of Clans is one of the best strategy games available for mobile devices. If you didn’t play this game yet, we suggest you to give it a try and tell us your opinion about it. If you are currently new to this game, we suggest you to read this article, as it will reveal some attack tactics.

Wait until your Army Camps are full

Never raid a village if you don’t have your army camps full. Sometimes, the last 3-4 troops can help you destroy the entire village. It would be a pity to lose a good amount of resources for 3-4 more minutes.

Queuing troops before attacking

When you get your army camps full, over-queue more troops as they will start training as soon as you will deploy troops to battle. This way, while you are raiding a village, troops will keep training.

Mixing your troops

Never attack using one single type of troop. With other words, an army that has 200 archers or 200 barbarians will not be as effective as 100 archers + 100 barbarians will be.

Each type of troop comes with its own ups and downs. Troops such as Giants tend to be the troops that will take the damage for other troops. You will do this, because Giants have a good amount of hit points, while archers or other damage dealer troops have a low amount of hit points. A 200 space army is usually formed from 10 Wall Breakers, 10 Giants, 40 Barbarians, 20 Goblins and 70 Archers.

Know your strength

In time, you will know when you have a good chance to win a battle or not. Instead of attacking a strong village, search for a weaker target that you are sure that you will easily destroy it and get a good amount of resources out of it.

Planning the minimum amount of resources you want to get from a raid

When attacking a village, you should plan on getting double the number of resources you spent on training the troops you’re about to send for battle. Never attack a village if you won’t get AT LEAST double the resources you’ve invested unless you’re planning to farm Trophies and not resources.

Never miss easy resources!

You will find villages that are abandoned or inactive. They will most likely have tons of resources and it will be very easy for you to steal them. This is why you should always try to get easier targets when you are raiding. To do this, just use the “Next” button located in the bottom right side.

The first 30 seconds are very important

You will have 30 seconds to see a village and decide if you want to attack it or not. Try to see if it is an easy target, see what’s the weakest spot of the village and decide if it is worth attacking it or not. You will get better on “inspecting” villages after a few weeks of playing this game.

Luring Clan Castle Troops and Heroes outside of the base

If the village you’re about to attack has a re-build Clan Castle, then you should try to bring out the troops inside of it. To do this, you will use some a few troops by spawning them in the Clan Castle’s range. If the Clan Castle is in the middle of the village and you can’t get in range, you should use a Lightning Spell.

Using archers to destroy “unprotected” buildings

Since archers can attack from quite a good distance, you can use them to destroy buildings that are around the walls. This way, your archers will not get too close to the walls. With other words, the archers will not get in range of the defensive buildings and they will be able to destroy some buildings without even getting one single hit.

Use barbarians to discover mines and spring traps

Never deploy Giants in a terrain that could have mines or spring traps. Instead, you should deploy a few barbarians in order to clear the path. If a spring trap gets one or more giants in it, your giants will be removed from the village (no matter how many hit points they have), which might end up messing your strategy.

Using the army combination wisely

Each army combination will come with a different strategy. For a normal troop combination (consisting of: Wall Breakers, Giants, Barbarians, Goblins and Archers) you would want to start by deploying 1-2 Giants, for defending your weaker troops, followed by Wall breakers in order to break the first layer of wall. After that, you can deploy Archers and Barbarians, to deal some good amount of damage on buildings along with a few more Giants to defend them from taking damage. After that, you can deploy more wall breakers, Giants, Barbarians and Archers. When the path is clear and you’re sure that your goblins will not get hit by anything, deploy them so that they can take fast the resources. This is how you usually will want to attack, however the strategy might change from a village layout to another. When you will become more experienced in this game, you will know when and what to deploy.

Cleaning up the village using spare troops

Once the village is pretty much destroy and you’re pretty sure that you’re not going to make it in time, you can also deploy more troops that will help you to fully destroy the village. So, in case you’re close of destroy the entire village but the deployed troops can’t do it in time, don’t mind sparing a few more troops to make a job well done.

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