Skype Free Download And Install Instant Messaging And Video Calls

One of the greatest adversaries of Skype is is WeChat, an application that has the similar features and which can be installed on mobile devices, tablets and computers. These two applications have millions of users, and although both of them offer IM and video calls features, the difference between them lies in their interface.

Free instant messaging

With Skype and WeChat you can send instant messages to your friends that use the same application, but the messages are sent and received only when both you and your friends are online. It means that if the recipient is offline and you’re sending a message to that person, the message will be delivered when she or he comes online. You can access your account from more than one device, so you can view your message history on each device. However, when you create a Skype account, it will need your email address and a password, while to sign up on WeChat, you can use your Facebook account or mobile number.

Free video calls

Both applications allow you to make free video calls, and you will use your phone’s front camera or your computer’s webcam, and you should know that you can make only Skype-to-Skype or WeChat-to-WeChat video calls, but they are free, regardless the location of your friends.

WeChat UI features

This is where the similarities end. In 2015, WeChat received updates for three of the supported platforms, so the Android users can download the 6.0.2 version, which was launched on January 8 and the Windows Phone users have the 6.0 version, released on February 11. The new versions bring a friendly interface with three different sections: chats, discover and contacts and some of the important features include exchanging contacts with other people via Bluetooth and contacting random people not far away, via the discover window. Plus, WeChat integrates with social networking services such as Facebook and Tencent. In the chat window you see the recent conversations you have with your friends and the contact window will display all your contacts.

Skype UI features

The interface of Skype includes three features: recent, favorites and contacts, but the Discover feature is missing. The latest version is and puts the conversation first, while the most recent chats and calls are next. The bubble-styled chatting design, which isn’t available on WeChat, has icons for replying to messages and video calls.

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