Skype for Outlook Free Download Receives Brand New Design is getting the new improved Skype look. This state-of-the-art design which was revealed this week by Microsoft alters the contact list, message and video chat. All these icons will be moved to the right side of the app’s inbox. The private conversation as well as the group chats will all be seen on the right side of the screen. This will offer users easy access.

Users can still add the video as well as the voice calls to their contact list, inside the actual browser they are using. Note: This will only work if you have Microsoft’s Skype plug-in set up. So make sure you do!

Those of you, who already know by heart the Outlook message screen, will love the new Skype design because it mirrors the latter. Expect this upgrade to come out in the next several months.

Microsoft’s timing couldn’t be better. The company is trying to propagandize Skype and establish a reputation for the app not just as a video chat app, but also as a useful messaging service & platform. Other types of IM app such as Viber and WhatsApp have been well-received, especially on mobile phones. By revamping the UI for, all of you who are using Microsoft’s emailing service may actually count on this messaging app.

The company has also implemented other types of changes to Skype for iPhone gizmos and for Mac. Those who use Mac can notice the new improved chat field which also allows you to send pictures and files a lot faster. You can also move all kinds of images inside the chat, by simply dragging them and then dropping them. No more bugs and other types of glitches.

As for the iPhone users, they can now see previews of the pages they receive under the form of links, from their other contacts. Another great fix is that users don’t have to worry about the app being at a standstill (when getting a lengthy message). This has all been taken care of!

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