Should Facebook Messenger Merge With WhatsApp Messenger?

Facebook did some pretty good strategy moves last year. One of them was acquiring the WhatsApp messenger which already had a lot of active users and the second one by having Facebook messenger as a standalone application.

WhatsApp was and still is one of the fastest growing messaging applications out there. As soon as the developers of Facebook noticed that these types of Messaging applications are very used mostly by teenagers, they’ve decided to make a Messenger application and separate it from the Facebook website.

This is why now, if you want to talk to someone on Facebook from your mobile device, you will need to install Facebook Messenger, as the application allows you only to post new comments, status, like posts, public photos etc.

Lately, the developers have put Facebook Messenger under the spotlight by adding many features to it such as video and voice calls and integrating third party applications into the Messenger. However, the Facebook Messenger user base growth is quite limited, assuming that the vast majority of the internet users already subscribed to their favorite social network.

On the other hand, WhatsApp comes with a different base than Facebook, and it allows you to interact with the contacts you have on your phonebook. Once you install WhatsApp Messenger on your smartphone, the application scans your phonebook. If it detects a contact that has his/her mobile phone number registered to WhatsApp, the application will automatically add him/her to your list of WhatsApp friends.

Sooner or later, Facebook will most likely have to merge these two applications together, but we’re not sure how that will work, as it will need two separated databases: one which will have the Facebook users and another one which will have the WhatsApp IDs (mobile phone numbers).

Facebook could allow the Messengers users to import all their WhatsApp contacts and to log into their Facebook Messenger accounts using the WhatsApp credentials. This way, the Facebook messenger user base will expand. At the same time, the WhatsApp users will be able to use the third party applications via the Facebook Messenger application.

Do you think that merging Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Messenger will be a good idea?

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