WhatsApp Free Download 2.12.58 APK Update Beta Version

This week, WhatsApp released no less than ten updates for its Android version and the users can now download the 2.12.58 AOK beta version from the official website. This version doesn’t allow us to back up with Google Drive, but there is another version, 2.12.45 alpha that offers this feature. The latest APK file is 20KB bigger, having 10 modified files, mostly related to libraries.

WhatsApp is officially the most important messaging application of the moment, being used by over 800 million people from all kinds of countries, and the developers have a goal: to make it better than any other application. But to get to the top, WhatsApp needs a lot of improvements, especially in the calling area, because the voice calls still don’t have a high definition quality and they’re eating a lot of mobile data. The 2.12.58 beta version can be downloaded from WhatsApp’s website and it has many bug fixes and improvements, but the users may encounter other bugs that will be fixed on the next version. You won’t find this one in the Google Play store, because there are uploaded only the final versions, which are stable, without errors.

In the past month, WhatsApp received a bunch of new functions, like the camera icon next to the microphone icon from the bottom, which gives you access to an in-app camera feature. You can access it even if you are in the middle of a conversation. When you will tap on it, you will see the camera viewfinder screen, with a new interface, which includes now a flash icon to be able to change the flash from automatic, on or off.

The version 2.12.38 brought a new Material Design with new buttons in the chat window for recording messages, a green title bar blending into the three tabs that contain calls, chats and contacts and the group chat info and profiles look a lot better now.

We remind you that you can access your WhatsApp account from your computer with the web feature, but you will need to open one of these browsers: Opera, Firefox or Chrome, and scan the QR code from web.whatsapp.com with your smartphone’s camera.

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