Sharp Roku TV with Roku Boxes Incoming, Streaming 1080p Content is Easy

The Roku 3 set top box is the best streaming device available in the market for all your 1080p content.

While a Roku 4 is an anticipated one, 4K content is so sparse which is why you could grab a deal by buying the Sharp Roku TV.

The concept is quite new in the market because the collaboration has paved way for something completely different. Instead of having to invest repeatedly in home entertainment devices, you can simply purchase one and expect it to provide you all the channels you need. Compared to an Apple TV or Google Chromecast, the Roku is easily the most versatile device available right now. It will come integrated in a select range of Sharp televisions. Chinese manufacturer TCL and Hisense earlier agreed to ship HDTVs with boxes inside them but Sharp is the first big brand to adopt this innovative idea.

Sharp Roku TV Bundle

When you choose to purchase the Sharp Roku TV bundle, you will be surprised to find that it not only has the box integrated into it but will also come with a Roku styled remote control. The remote makes it easier to access your favorite channels and there is also a dedicated user interface which will let you connect other devices including set top cable boxes and gaming consoles like the Xbox One or PS4.

Latest Roku OS

The Sharp Roku TV will have the latest version of the operating system running on the device which should make it easier for you to find content using text or voice search, as required. The bundled remote doesn’t have a microphone on it which allows you to use voice commands only on your iOS or Android device.

The new models announced by Sharp are priced at $380 for the 43-inch model while the bigger 50-inch will retail for $500. These price ranges are strongly focused on people who want an affordable HDTV with 1080p resolution. Sharp has confirmed that the company has no plans to use the Roku OS as their default platform for organizing content and accessing games. It has been integrated only in the select models for the time being and is aimed at budget buyers.

After this move, it is expected that companies like Sony, LG and Samsung may also join the race but if they do embrace Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast they may start looking for potential partnerships as well.

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