Viber Latest Version Free Download – Improved Call Quality and Reduced Data Costs – Will it Beat WhatsApp and Skype?

When it comes to communications and communication technology, Viber is not a new name at all.

This free calling messenger has already established its status and its intentions in the industry are very solid and clear – to become the ultimate provider of internet-based communication.

Viber was established in 2010 and since then, it has managed to grow in leaps and bounds, overcoming every kind of opposition, challenge and competition on the way to success. As of now, older apps in the industry like Skype and WhatsApp have already started feeling the hot presence of Viber on their heels. Skype has been around for over a decade and there is no doubt that people trust and value the Skype brand than Viber. Despite this challenge, Viber has managed to accumulate a user base that is well over 500 million people at the time of this writing.

On the other hand, Skype has over 800 million users, but it is lacking when it comes to those actively using the app. WhatsApp on the other hand is showing tremendous growth and today, this Facebook-owned app has over 800 million active monthly users, making it the most popular app of all the three.

Viber made its name as a free calling app, something that took away lots of Skype users, just because the latter offered VoIP services. Technically, there is no difference between these two since both cases involve the use of the internet. However, many people were psychologically inclined to the free nature of Viber than to the VoIP nature of Skype.

Viber latest version improves quality of calls

The latest version of Viber is one you shouldn’t miss to download and install on your Android device. This is true because the app comes in with not just minor improvements, but very essential improvements that could prove to be the difference in the internet communication market.

The purpose of VoIP apps is to cut on costs of communication. However, it has been noted that Skype is a data hog. Just recently, WhatsApp introduced voice calling services and there are similar complaints coming in with respect to data usage during calls. Furthermore, the new WhatsApp voice calling feature is yet to be fully stabilized and as such, there are still issues with the quality of calls.

These are the areas the latest version of Viber has moved in to perfect, ahead of its competitors. Viber now offers better quality voice calls as compared to the previous version. You will no longer experience lags and echoes during calls. Furthermore, the background noise is greatly reduced in the new version, which also offers these calls in HD-quality.

Viber latest version reduces data costs

Viber latest version has also dealt with the data issue. In the past, Viber has been labeled as a data hog, especially during calls. Well, this will no longer be the case as long as you update to the latest version. Data has become a basic need in the present world and if Viber is going to help reduce the amount you spend on data, why not have this app on your phone?

The world today is in a poor economic state and for sure, you could use a little extra savings. Choosing Viber is a better option than WhatsApp and Skype. Furthermore, Viber allows users to make free video calls, play games with each other as well as connect with non-users of the app at very affordable costs.

Viber is facing very stiff competition from Skype and WhatsApp, all of which are also working on ways to cut on data costs and improve the quality of voice during calls. At the moment, it is only Skype that offers almost the same services as Viber; however, WhatsApp is still working on the video calling feature.

Download and install Viber’s latest version for free today from the official Google Play Store and start enjoying free HD-quality calls and reduced data costs.

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