Download Watusi iOS Tweak For WhatsApp

If you’re one of the loyal iOS users and you installed WhatsApp on your iPhone, there are many things you might not like and want to change, to improve your experience with this messaging application. However, many of the issues can be fixed with a Cydia tweak called Watusi, which can disable features and change the application for the better.

One of the most important features of Watusi is the Freeze LastSeen, which blocks the application from updating the Last seen status, so you can browse incognito, without worrying that some contact will scold you for not chatting with him/her when you logged into WhatsApp. Also, it works even if you turned on the Last seen status in the app’s settings. Another great feature is the Read Receipts, which prevents users from knowing that their sent messages were read. The next important feature is Status Length, which allows you to write longer statuses, increasing their length from 139 characters to 256 characters.

The Profile Photo Fit will fit your photos when changing profile pictures, With the Unlimited Photos Selection feature you will be able to select not one, but an infinite number of photos and send them to your friends. Always Connected is similar to Android app and will show the send button even if you’re offline. Ask for call will ask you if you’re sure if you want to call the person, in order to avoid accidental calls. Dark Keyboard, as its name suggests, brings the dark keyboard for those you prefer a darker color. Disable Landscape will disable completely the landscape mode and will work even if the rotation mode is on.

Hide Timestamps will hide timestamps for messages, Change Font will allow you to change even the color, size and URL color, Change Usage Statistics will change the usage stats such as received and sent messages, amount of data sent or received etc.

The Watusi tweak can be downloaded for $0.99 and supports the WhatsApp 2.11.8 version which can be bought from the App Store.

WhatsApp is known for variety of features but doesn’t allow you to change its background or fonts and the files can’t be more than 16MB. To send a file that has a size of 50MB, install WhatsApp Plus, which is the unofficial application.

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