5 Best iOS 8 Apps to Download and Install Now

The release of iOS 8 saw a new dimension emerge as far as the Apple apps are concerned.

While iOS 7 provides a totally amazing experience, the one you get when using iOS 8 is totally unique, simpler and much more enhanced.

Just like with the case of the Android devices, Apple has now made it possible for the notifications to interact with the Notification Center. In this way, the iOS 8 users are able to quickly launch an action without necessarily having to launch the app or even unlock the device for that matter. The latest iOS 8 features applications like Reminders, which takes full advantage of this amazing addition.

As far as the notification center is concerned on iOS 8, here is a list of 5 best apps that are very useful and they heavily rely on the Notification Center of your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.


If you are looking for an ultimate online file storing and sharing application, look no further than Dropbox. The advantage you get with this cloud storage app is that uploading of files can occur from any source and so is downloading and viewing of the files.

By using the notification center of your iOS 8 device, you will definitely enhance your user experience with Dropbox. It will inform you about any recent uploads to the account and you can still access these files directly from this notification center.


What you get inside this Evernote app is the same you will get from the notification center. Quick actions like launching the app to create text notes, take pictures, create reminders and lists as well as access photos can be done from the notification center. However, you must first of all enable the Evernote app to display in the notification center. Simply visit Today’s section in the notification center after installing the Evernote app.


For lovers of online reading, you cannot do without Kindle on your iOS 8 iPhone. Using Kindle app, you can easily view any book as well as the progress you have made as far as reading the book is concerned. Simply enable the Kindle app via the notification center and you will be able to do all these directly from the same center.

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is by far the best weather application you can have on your iPhone. All you need is to swipe down the notification center and you’ll have all the weather details pertaining to your place of residence or location. Just like all the other cases of notification center apps, there is no need to manually launch the app in order to get weather details. All you need is to enable it in the notification center and that’s all.

Quick Tap

If you are looking to change the way you interact with your iPhone, then Quick Tap is just what you need to install on your device. This application will let you add all your favorite apps to the notification center as quick launch buttons. In this way, accessing and using them is very easy.

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