SEGA Buys Angry Birds’ Developer For an Incredible Amount of $771M!

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Rovio Entertainment, the company behind the Angry Birds game, will get the deal of its life: being acquired by SEGA for up to $771 million! The legendary mobile game series that has inspired several sequels and even its own movie was developed by the Finnish firm known as Rovio Entertainment. According to the latest reports, SEGA plans to bring Rovio into the family and introduce new projects soon. Only a few days passed since the first rumors of SEGA’s interest in the Angry Birds creator surfaced when this confirmation was revealed.

A millions-worth deal is about to happen

Rovio will become a fully owned subsidiary of SEGA after the agreement sees SEGA buy all outstanding shares. The action, which is referred to as a “friendly takeover,” has the full approval of the Rovio board of directors. And similar to other businesses, SEGA has its reasons.

Apparently, the goal of the acquisition, based on SEGA’s statement, is to actually:

[…] accelerate growth in the global gaming market and increase corporate value by generating synergies between SEGA’s existing businesses and Rovio’s strengths.

Additionally, the Japanese company cites strategies for extending Rovio’s reach outside mobile gaming. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

The beloved 2009 casual puzzle game Angry Birds, which stirred quite the buzz worldwide, was created by the Finnish video game studio Rovio Entertainment. The game’s primary source of inspiration was a cool stylized drawing of wingless birds. It was initially made available for iOS and Maemo devices starting back in December 2009.

Critics have highly acclaimed Angry Birds since then for its addicting gameplay and the way it got into a successful brand that came up with even a full-length animated film and many TV series featuring the Angry Birds characters. All of this is definitely due to the game’s popularity. Angry Birds games have also been released for computers and gaming consoles.

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