GTA 5 – Begging to be Played All Over Again

More Detail

GTA 5 brings in a lot of improvements, with improved facial animation and superb vocal performances. The draw distance has increased, pulling the player into the open world full of details, making it all the more alive and exciting.

First Person

The most important change is the first person modes, which Rockstar has brought in by creating a completely new game. The perspective has switched both in the literal sense and in the psychological sense. You can now play GTA 5, viewing things through the character’s eyes, which connects you, in an exciting way, to the action, not possible with the third person point of view. You are no longer just observing the action, but rather doing it. For instance, when you punch someone or stamp down on an enemy, it feels very real and gruesome and has the result of changing your slapstick attitude with regard to violence. You will find yourself becoming nicer, driving more sensibly. You can continue to play in the first person mode or you can switch over to the third person mode in case of hectic combat.

More Incidental Details

In addition, GTA 5 brings in a lot of incidental details for the first person. For instance, the interiors of vehicles have been modeled, taking great pains with the interior. The speedometers are different and so is the upholstery. Everything has resulted in offering a more immersive experience, which makes the player feel as if he is living in the GTA 5 world and not merely playing in it.

Increased Traffic

Los Santos is filled with more traffic, making it more natural and offering it the feel of a real place. You can see the headlamps of cars as they wind through streets.

Exciting Story

All these enhancements would mean absolutely nothing, if there was not much in the storyline. The plot of GTA 5 is varied and very exciting, with fresh and amusing missions. Players will find it fun to revisit these missions. The best parts are the heists, as they offer some intense action heightened by the anticipation for pulling off the heists.


The characters are full of biting satire and the script is a tightly written one. Franklin is not very offensive and is rather decent, with a ‘rags to riches’ story. Michael is already rich, but he is living amidst a family who hate him. As for Trevor, he is a sociopath. In between these three characters, there is a character that you will never get fed up of. The scenarios where you switch from one character to the other are hilarious. The end result of it is that the game manages to give the impression that events and things are continuing in GTA 5, whether you play it or not, with a sense of continuity.

Playing Online

You can also play the game online. The GTA 5 online has become really big, with thirty players moving about in the free roam mode. You can create your character and pull them through the levels. GTA Online is offered on a massive scale and with high ambitions, typifying this game. The game is very immersive and players will never get bored. GTA was easily the best game of the previous generation and without doubt, it is the best game for this generation as well. Rockstar seems to have pulled out all the stops in making GTA 5 more beautiful, more immersive and more essential, making it irresistible to play all over again. The open world is incredibly detailed and the first person mode is a highly exciting, new feature that draws you into the game.

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