iOS 17’s Features Will Include Sideloading Apps

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So far, we’ve actually grown accustomed to Apple’s system on iPhones. The tech giant based in Cupertino has succeeded in keeping a closed method for distributing apps on iPhones, limiting us to downloading them only via the App Store. However, the company may soon add some changes that could surprise everyone: the sideloading feature!

According to a Bloomberg recent report, Apple will start to roll out the sideloading feature in iOS 17. Also, based on journalist Mark Gurman’s statement, the company is currently updating its sideloading software and could make things official about it at the next Worldwide Developer Conference in June, which is really soon. But why does Apple come with such a feature after so many years of doing the same thing?!

Well, it’s kind of a simple situation. The tech giant’s new strategy for sideloading is just a result of the change in European law. Due to EU’s Digital Market Act (DMA), major digital businesses are now required to also include alternative app stores on their platforms. The reason? Everything comes as a way to help and give developers and users the actual freedom to choose how and what they put on their devices.

Currently, we don’t know for sure how Apple really intends to support sideloading. It could be a feature part of the iOS 17, or we might see it as a future upgrade in the upcoming iOS releases. A reaction to such news was not made by the company, but then again, such a thing is somehow popular with Apple.

In the past, Apple executives have vehemently resisted sideloading, citing security and privacy concerns. And if we actually think twice, they’re kind of right.

Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed for Apple to actually come up with the best decision and release the sideloading feature as they want and when they want.

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