Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. Xiaomi Mi5 vs. HTC One M9 – Best Selfie Flagships for 2015

Following the success of selfie phones in 2014, this year, many manufacturers will implement the “selfie trend” for their flagship devices.

In the past years, flagship devices strived to offer the best rear camera and top notch specs. This year, however, they will have to produce a great selfie camera as well. Judging by the rumors and alleged specs, the following three handsets will have the best front facing camera.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung already has a great selfie flagship, the Galaxy Note 4. With its 3.7-MP camera, the Note 4 can deliver some nice selfies. But Samsung looks to improve, and build on that success. While on paper, the 5-MP shooter rumored on the front is nowhere near the power of the other rival smartphones, Samsung has a few features up in its sleeves. For starters, the camera application should provide features such as wide selfie, excellent for group pictures. And as always, the camera application of Samsung’s devices is one of the richest with features and options.

HTC One M9

HTC will use the ultra pixel technology for its front facing camera in the next flagship, the HTC One M9. The issue with selfies is that front facing cameras lack LED flash, which translates to low light. The issue with the ultra pixel technology is that it allows for excessive amount of light. Everything points to this being an ideal marriage. In low light conditions, ultra pixel technology is excellent, but the problem has always been during daytime, when the extra light makes the image blurry. HTC used the technology for the rear camera of the One M8, but it failed. With some improvements, the company will place an ultra pixel sensor on the front this time.

Xiaomi Mi5

The Chinese manufacturer goes for sheer power for its front facing camera. Looking to deliver the best selfie camera on the flagship market, Xiaomi will equip the Mi5 with an 8-MP sensor on the front. Rumors are that the camera might also feature LED flash, making it even better. On sheer power only, the Xiaomi Mi5 will have the best camera on the front.

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