Samsung Galaxy S6 – How to Make an Awesome Animated Gif Picture?

Browse about ten minutes on the internet and you are bound to find a GIF picture. GIFs are everywhere these days, on Tumblr, 9GAG, news websites, advertisements and on many more locations.

In the past years, GIFs have become internet art form, a way that people express their feelings online. GIFs can be funny, traumatic, sad, romantic, and can express almost every feeling you want. In the past, smartphones needed an app for making a GIF out of the photos or videos in your gallery. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the first and few handsets on the market that help you create animated GIF directly from your device. Here is how.

Step 1- Download the Camera Mode

The animated GIF camera mode is available through Samsung Galaxy Apps. Simply start your camera, click on modes and you will see a circle dubbed “Download”. Once you press the button, you will be taken to Galaxy Camera apps where you will find a bunch of modes that you can download on your Galaxy S6. The Animated GIF is one of them. Once you press ”Download”, the app will ask for your permission to use your data, the same way as Google Play asks for your permission. Once the mode is downloaded, you can select it in the camera app on your S6.

Basic Tips for Great Animated GIF

There are a few tips that can help you master the art of creating GIF files. First and foremost, try to make it short. The ideal time is between 1 and 3 seconds. A long GIF looks a lot like Vime or even a video and you do not want that. The beauty of GIFs is in their short lasting time, as they are the most effective that way. Next, try to keep the amount of colors minimal. GIFs are not much effective when there is an abundance of colors in the picture. The effect is lost. There is no HDR when taking GIF. So, even though the Samsung Galaxy S6 has optical image stabilization, try to be as steady as possible when making an animated GIF.

The Secret Weapon

There is one secret ingredient or the secret sauce, as people like to call it, for making awesome GIFs. The trick is to think of your GIF as a video. You can even try and make a short video or start recording and see how the GIF would look like.

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