Skype vs. Google Hangouts – The Best of Free Video Calling Apps

Skype is a very dominant force when it comes to the VoIP industry and it has been around for more than a decade now.

On the other hand, Google Hangouts is just a few months old and it is already causing a wave in the free voice and video calling niche.

Skype is best known for its video calling capabilities and especially when it comes to video conferencing, this app is the best due to its quality of pictures thanks to the superior codecs that the app comes with. However, with the recent introduction of Hangouts, things are constantly changing as this application from Google, in addition to other players like Viber have entered the market with a bang, offering users with some of the best, when it comes to voice and video calls.

So, what are the differences and similarities between these two voice and video calling apps, Skype and Hangouts?

Calling non-users of the apps

Most mobile messengers offer users with free calls when calling other users of these messengers. However, things start getting tricky when you want to call someone outside the network. While Skype charges 2.3 cents per minute for making local calls within the U.S. and Canada, Hangouts has other ideas.

Users of Hangouts within the U.S. can make free calls to other non-users of the app as long as they have a Google Voice number. However, this service is currently available to U.S. users only and other countries will have to wait.

International calling

As usual, making calls to other users of these apps is free, regardless of their locations. However, making an international call on Skype to a non-Skype user can attract a monthly fee of $13.99. On the other hand, Hangouts has not yet availed the international calling feature in its platform. Nevertheless, this service is expected to cost cheaper than what Skype offers, only charging a few cents per minute of call, depending on your region.

Video conferencing  

At first, Skype users had to pay for this feature. However, with the increased competition in this niche, this VoIP app made this feature free. This is not different from what users of Hangouts get as this feature is also available for free.


When looking for a video conferencing app, Skype is not the best choice as it charges a little more than what the users of Hangouts get, especially when making international calls. The good thing with both apps is that they can be installed on all major platforms including mobile devices and PCs.

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