Apple Watch First Update Brings Sleep Tracking and Remote TV Control


The Apple Watch is one month old, and it seems it is time for the first update of the operating system.

According to several sources, Apple is preparing the first update to the software of the Apple Watch that will bring better security, connectivity, fitness features, Wi-Fi and third party applications. There is no timetable when the update will roll out, but the new features all sound great.

Find My Watch

One of the many features that Apple will introduce in an effort to improve security is “Find My Watch”. The feature will work similar to the way “Find my mobile” operates. While the iPhone can be located from a computer, the watch will continue to work with the iPhone. Therefore, Apple will continue the watch’s reliance on the iPhone. The Apple Watch will connect with your iPhone via a wireless signal and will be able to notify you if your iPhone is left behind.

Health and Fitness Apps

Sources indicate that Apple is already hooked on to the fitness and health apps the company will add to the Apple Watch. While heart rate monitor and sensor are priority, there are indications that the Apple Watch will get sleep track and blood pressure monitor with the next software update. Some other possible apps include blood sugar sensor.

Third Party Apps

Apple is also looking for a way to add more third party apps to the Apple Watch eco system. One way to do that is something Apple is calling “Complications”. In essence, Apple is looking to add small widgets for battery life, activity, alarm clock, calendar and similar.

Apple TV

Integration and connectivity will be huge parts of the next software update for the Apple Watch. Most notably, Apple is looking for a way to sync the watch with the Apple TV. There are rumors Apple might find a way to make the Apple Watch serve as a remote control for Apple TV. The new TV box is scheduled for release in June.

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