Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Sony Xperia Z3 – The Waterproof Battle

The Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z3 both have their own unique features that make them tops among many smartphones on the market. But how are they capable of handling water?

It can be next to impossible for people to avoid water when carrying their smartphones around. There’s no telling when rainy conditions can show up. Of course, there are always going to be accidents like a smartphone being dropped into a sink or fountain.

Many of today’s smartphone manufacturers have been making products that are capable of handling water. These include Samsung and Sony just to name a few. If you’re going to go after a quality smartphone then you need to be fully aware of how your model can handle water.

How the Galaxy S5 Works

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a good body attached to it and can work quite well when it comes to getting water under control. However, this does not mean that this was a totally perfect material. There are many big things that need to be explored:

  • The phone typically needs to be rebooted after it comes out of the water. It only takes a few moments for this process to be handled though.
  • Sometimes water can get stuck inside the phone. It can always be opened up to allow the water to come out without putting the phone at risk of any further damages.
  • While the phone is not going to be hurt by a typical pool of water, it will suffer from damages if it is subjected to far too much pressure. For instance, sticking the phone into a washing machine and turning that machine on will pretty much kill the phone.
  • The phone will not respond all that well to any touch command while underwater. You probably should not try taking pictures while underwater with it.

How the Xperia Z3 Works

Sony says that the Xperia Z3 is totally waterproof. There are plastic flaps on the unit that are much stronger than what the Z2 had. These flaps are designed to work as sturdy panels.

This is great in theory but there are many issues to find with regards to putting the screen underwater:

  • The screen tends to identify water droplets as button presses. This made it so the camera would go off when the user didn’t want it to.
  • The water that gets into the phone can also enter the headphone jack and make it look as though the device has identified that there are headphones being used even if there are none at a given time.
  • In many cases the screen will not respond to any touches when in the water.
  • The extreme stress that is imposed onto the screen while it is underwater only made things worse. Overall, the screen could easily blackout for about two to three days after getting stuck in the water.

In short, the Xperia Z3 is not a good phone to have for underwater conditions as it will work very poorly and even break down. The Galaxy S5 is a much better phone to have when it comes to its waterproof conditions but that does not mean you should take it underwater all the time.

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