Call of Duty Heroes 1.6.0 MOD APK Free Download – Epic Killstreaks

If you love 3D strategy type of games, then you will surely enjoy playing Call of Duty: Heroes. In this game, you will need to customize your base, train troops and command them to destroy the enemy troops.

You will be able to do some epic “killstreaks” using the first person chopper gunner. Also, you can take control of a small outpost and upgrade it the way you want in order to make an impenetrable base. After that, build offensive units and launch attacks against your enemies.

This game comes also with some Heroes, such as Harper, Soap or Price, which you can control. You can also make alliances with your real life friends and virtual friends and work together to get great in-game rewards.

Call of Duty: Heroes – Features

– Heroes: Take control of a hero and level it up
– Troops: Train and specialize troops units such as CLAW’s, Dragonfires or Juggernauts
– Drone and chopper gunner: Control a drone or a chopper gunner and do some awesome “killstreaks”
– Base: Build and protect your base using sentry guns, SAM Turrets, Guardians, mines and other defensive structures
– PvP, Campain and Survival: Attack others using PvP, Campaign or Survival mode
– Alliances: Team up with your friends and create alliances and dominate your enemies.

The Call of Duty: Heroes version 1.6.0 MOD allows you to have unlimited money, which means that you can train and construct as much as you want.

Call of Duty: Heroes 1.6.0 MOD APK: How to install

Since this is a modified version of Call of Duty: Heroes, you will need to download the APK file from the internet. Just open the browser you use on your Android device and search for Call of Duty: Heroes 1.6.0 MOD APK.

Before you go ahead with the installation, make sure that you enable Unknown Sources from Settings->Applications or Settings->Security. Without this option enabled you will not be able to install any “unofficial” APK file.

After the Unknown Sources is enabled, you can install Call of Duty: Heroes 1.6.0 MOD on your Android device and start playing the game without having to worry about in-game money.

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