WhatsApp Voice Calling Download For Windows Phone – Bug Fixes and Improvements


On Tuesday, WhatsApp launched version for Windows Phone with improved voice calling, after adding this feature to version 2.12.40, but it has also a new feature: the ability to send audio files (if your device is running on Windows Phone 8.1). Soon enough, all Windows Phone users will get the voice calling feature, which currently, is in beta.

The voice calling feature made its way to the Android version back in February, being tested for a few weeks, until WhatsApp released the stable version. Later, the BlackBerry 10 and iOS users were able to call their friends for free, making envious the Windows Phone users, who terrorized the developers with questions about this feature, when it will be available for them as well.

We don’t know the reasons why WhatsApp neglected this platform for so long, but it is good to know that, in the end, they brought the Voice calling on the 2.12.40 beta version. However, not all Windows Phone users have access to it, only those who register as a beta tester for WhatsApp private beta. To join this program, they need to send an email to [email protected] and they will add a short introduction about themselves, mentioning that they want to enroll as beta testers. In addition, they need to add “sent from my Windows Phone” at the bottom of their message, so that the automated system will categorize the mail.

WhatsApp’s developers will contact them later, by sending an email in which the users are informed that they’re accepted to try the beta version, but they need to share their Microsoft Account email address. Soon enough, the users will receive a download link of the WhatsApp beta application with the Voice Calling feature.

Version, which was launched on Tuesday, brought a new feature that allows the users to send audio files on Windows Phone 8.1 and in the near future, they will be able to save WhatsApp conversation on OneDrive and they will have integration with Facebook and Skype.

The Voice Calling feature will be included in the stable version and posted on the official app store. WhatsApp has over 800 million active users, but a higher percent is represented by the Android users.

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