Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime: An Extremely Responsive Phone At An Affordable Price

Just because a high end smartphone may be something that is out of the limits of your budget right now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to settle for a low quality phone that is more affordable.

The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime in particular, has been rising in popularity, demonstrating that you can acquire an extremely responsive and durable phone, at an affordable rate. Here is an overview of what the Prime has to offer along with some advantages and disadvantages about the device.


As technology advances, higher end smartphone are becoming more and more affordable. The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime in, consists of a large 5 inch qHD LCD screen with a resolution of (540 x 960) pixels, which can stream videos in 1080p. As far as the main camera goes, even though the megapixel of it is only 8 megapixels, it can record videos in 1080p as does the selfie camera, which can take pictures in a 5 megapixel resolution.

As far as performance goes, the Prime has 1 GB of ram and is equipped with the new chipset, Snap Dragon 410, which is one of the fastest processors to date. To put things in retrospect, the extremely fast and highly rated Samsung Galaxy S4, was equipped with snapdragon 400, which is outdated. What this equates to is a user interface that’s extremely responsive and responds well whenever the user is running graphics intensive Apps or multiple Apps within the background.


As far as the design features of the phone go, most owners would agree that the device has a conservative design. In the sense that, it’s not too flashy and it doesn’t look like a budget phone either, but rather, somewhere in between. Even though the only color that the device comes in is white, the back cover which is plastic can come in either white or gray.

Technical Specs

While the technical specs may not be groundbreaking, when you look at the specs of other phones within its price range and compare them, you’ll find that the samsung galaxy grand prime comes with stunning specs.

Here are some of the technical specs of the Prime.

* Optional Dual Sim

* 8 GB Data

* Quad core 1.2 Ghz Cortex-A53

* LED flash, auto focus

* Compass, Accelerometer, proximity

* Android OS, v4.4.4

* WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, 4G Hotspot

* FM radio

* Li Ion 2600 mAh battery – 17h talk time


* One of the areas where the Prime shines is its display screen. The screen has good viewing angles and project good color reproduction.

* As far as the performance goes, the Prime can handle the most demanding Apps, such as Asphalt 8 without any lag or frame rate drop.

* Good value, affordable price.

* Able to record in full 1080p.


* No NFC or OTG support

* Battery life will only last a day via normal usage. However, if you use the device heavily, it will need to be charged at least two times a day.

When it comes to deciding on if you should acquire this device or not. It all depends on what you intend to use the device for. If you’re a heavy gamer, or if you’re on your smartphone continuously, this may not be an ideal option for you, due to its low battery life.

But, if you’re a light Android user in the sense that you, may only play just a few Apps here and there or a light web browser surfer, then with cheap price $219, the Samsung Galaxy Prime is a steal.

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