Share and Download WhatsApp Voice Messages on PC

WhatsApp makes it very easy to communicate with friends and loved ones not just by text but also via video clips and audio notes (voice messages). As a matter of fact, people are finding it easier to record messages on the app and sending them in place of typing long messages on a fiddly screen.

Easy and straightforward it would see, no?

If you want to find the audio notes, all you have to do is open WhatsApp, scroll to the chat in which you received the voice messages and voila, you are listening back to them. The problem comes when you want to use the voice clips outside of WhatsApp, maybe download (transfer) them to a PC or email them.

Download and Install WhatsApp Pocket 

WhatsApp Pocket is a nifty app which lets you manage your files you receive and share on WhatsApp more effectively. In actual sense, the app is easy to install and it will immediately index all the multimedia files, be they audio clips, music or video which you have received via WhatsApp so you can access them more effectively.

This is a feature which will help people who chat often and extensively on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Pocket is especially useful for users of WhatsApp for iPhone as this seems to be the platform which experiences the worst problems in managing files received via WhatsApp.

Share WhatsApp Chats by Email or Bluetooth

This may sound like a wrong procedure to follow. I mean, you only want to share certain files you received by WhatsApp, not the entire chat. But the option to send chats by email is a functionality that is rarely used by people, even if it is readily available. It offers you an excellent way to backup chats, including all the embedded media by email. You can also share the multiple files by means of Bluetooth transfer to another compatible device.

These are the steps you should follow to share WhatsApp chats by email or Bluetooth;

1. Select a voice message (or multiple voice messages from one chat).

2. From either the bottom or top of your device, select “Share”

3. From the popup menu that appears, select either email or Bluetooth as the case may be and you will be well set to share your voice clips and place them in backup as well. If you are using an Android device and have set up a Gmail account on your device, you can opt for the Gmail icon and straightaway get the clips on your official Gmail account

Note: If you are sharing the clips by email, you will still have to download the shared chats and select the audio files. You can then save them (preferably on your PC’s hard disk) or share them on by email.

For many people with smartphones and tablets today, WhatsApp messenger remains the most preferred method to share content including audio clips. However, as we have seen above, it is often impractical to access these files directly from WhatsApp later on.

The best solution is therefore to backup the messages, preferably on PC and then share them with others without running the risk of losing them for good. 

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