Samsung Galaxy A7 vs. iPhone 6 Plus – Which is the Better Slim Device?

When it comes to slim, sleek device, Apple is probably the best manufacturer in the market.

The Cupertino based company has long been known for the elegant, sophisticated and industrial design and the latest iPhone models are probably the best, the company has offered so far. Samsung would love to get the title for the best design, but it will have to go through Apple. The Galaxy A7 is probably the best Samsung has offered so far.

Design and Display

Both devices boast a 5.5 inch display, with 1080p resolution. The difference is that Samsung uses the Super AMOLED technology, while Apple uses the Retina technology for the display. Despite offering the same display size, the devices come with different measurements. They are 158 x 78 x 7.1 for the iPhone 6 Plus, and 151 x 76 x 6.3 for the Galaxy A7. As you can see, the A7 is the slimmer device, and also the lighter, with weight set at 141 grams. The iPhone 6 Plus weighs 172 grams. The design of the devices is also very different. Essentially, the iPhone 6 Plus comes with a curved design lines and a full metal body. The Galaxy A7 is also built from aluminum, but the design is more flat. This makes the iPhone 6 more ergonomic, compact, and better fit for the hand.

Hardware and Operating System

While both handsets feature a 64-bit chipset, the difference is in the number of cores. The Galaxy A7 comes with an octa core processor, four of which are limited to 1.8 GHz, and four can achieve a maximum speed of 1.3 GHz. RAM is set at 2 GB, built in memory at 16 GB, and the device supports external memory. The iPhone 6 Plus features a dual core processor, with the clocking speed set at 1.4 GHz and RAM set at 1 GB. Internal memory options include versions with 16, 64 and 128 GB memory space. Apple has long been opposed to external memory and the 6 Plus is no exception, as it offers no support for a microSD card.

It is nearly impossible to compare the iOS to the Android, but the iPhone 6 Plus has the benefit of running on the latest version of its operating system, while there is no info when and if the Galaxy A7 might get the Lollipop update.


On paper, the Galaxy A7 comes with a more powerful camera, as it features a 13-MP shooter on the back, and a 5-MP shooter on the front. However, the iPhone 6 Plus has optical image stabilization, and dual LED flash, two features that contribute to better quality. The front facing camera, however, is not on par with the Galaxy A7. When it comes to selfie pictures, Samsung’s device is the superior choice.


To power up the device, Samsung has placed a 2600 mAh battery inside the Galaxy A7. The iPhone 6 Plus comes with a slightly bigger battery, with a capacity of 2916 mAh.


Price is another area where Samsung’s device is more appealing. The price tag of $700 makes it cheaper for $50 compared to the iPhone 6 Plus.

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