How-to: Register and Activate a Google Play Store Account

Finally you have a new Android smartphone and the first thing to do with this phone is to set it up ready for use.

One thing you must do when setting up your new Android smartphone is to set up a Google account. The Play Store is the home of all apps that you could ever want on an Android device. Whether you want games, music players, movies, photo editors, communication apps and more, the Google Play Store is your one stop shop for the best free services. So, having a Play Store account on your Android device is almost inevitable, unless you are looking to get all your apps from third party websites, which is quite problematic.

There is nothing to fret about as far as registering and activating a new Google Play Store account is concerned. The process is very quick and easy and you will be enjoying plenty of apps in the Play Store within a few minutes.

So, how do you set up a Google Play Store account on your Android device?

Setting up a Google Play Store account is very easy and it can be done right from your device during the initialization of the phone. This can be accessed via the device’s Accounts Settings section. While in there, tap on “Add account” and select the Google option.

The next section will present you with two options: either add an existing account or create a new account. The former option is very easy. However, it will only work if you already have an existing Google account. On the other hand, the latter option, which involves creating a new account, is even easier since Google will take you through very simple onscreen step by step instructions. After creating the account, you will be able to link it to your device and the account will subsequently be activated.

Linking account with Google Wallet

The next logical step to take after setting up your Google Play Store account is to link it with the Google Wallet service. This service makes life easier when it comes to purchasing apps from the Play Store. The good thing is that linking your account to the Google Wallet is very easy. All you need is to visit the official Google Wallet page and create your account using the simple instructions availed on the page.

Wasn’t that simple? As you can see, the whole process takes up just a few minutes of your precious time and you’ll have a lifetime to enjoy free and very affordable apps from the Google Play Store.

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